Adventure Schools Preschool Programs

Adventure Schools PreSchool Program


Adventure Schools maintains and nurtures an educational environment where all stakeholders (children, families and staff) learn to recognize and build on their strengths.


Children grow and learn as individuals. There is no one size fits all at Adventure School. Each child is recognized by staff for what they do well and encouraged by staff to stretch into new areas of learning. Physical, emotional and intellectual growth is supported throughout the day by a wide range of programs. Parents and other family members are encouraged to visit and participate in school activities.


Adventure Schools has been a school of choice in Tucson since the 1960s. Many successful adults benefited as children through participation in Adventure Schools learning environment. Originally, toddlers, pre-kindergarteners and primary school students attended Adventure Schools. Today, toddlers and pre-kindergarteners are the focus of Adventure Schools, while kindergarten through 4th grade education is provided by Educational Impact, Inc. (an Arizona Charter School).