Frequently Asked Questions

Are your teachers certified?  We are in compliance with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) guidelines. Our teachers are highly qualified, AZ certified teachers.

Do you have before & after school services?  Yes, extra fees apply and registration is required. The before school program opens at 6:30am and the after school program begins when the children are dismissed from school until 6:00pm.  The program is licensed by Department of Health Services and Department of Economic Security. 

What is the policy regarding bringing weapons, matches, or other dangerous items to school?  The State Board of Education has a zero tolerance policy (real or play) on campus. A weapon can be a gun, knife or even a pencil if used in a threatening manner towards others. The parent will be called immediately to come and pick up the student. If the case should warrant, the police will be notified.  Water guns or any toys guns are strictly prohibited.

Can students bring toys or games from home?  No toys or games should be brought to school with the exception of sharing day. On sharing day students are permitted to bring one item which must remain in their cubby until it is time to share.

What do I do if my child will be absent, will be tardy or has to leave early?  Contact the school as soon as possible and leave a message. Please contact the school each day the child will be absent or provide a written note with the dates prior to the absence. If you pick your child up early they must be signed out at the office. If your child is tardy, please walk your child into the school so you can sign them in and acquire a tardy slip for your child.  Please make every effort to have your child at school and schedule appointments for school closure days, early release days or after 3pm.  Please note that there is a potential of retention if a student misses 10% (18 days or more) of the school year.