Uniform Policy


  • Colors:  Navy Blue or Khaki
  • Pants: Hemmed at the top of the shoe
  • Shorts: Above the knee in length
  • Girls may also choose a knee length jumper or skirt
  • Clean & Neat
  • Any other color
  • Sweat Pants, Denim, Overalls
  • Excessively loose/tight clothing
  • Exposed Undergarments
  • Ripped, torn or in disrepair



  • Colors: Maroon, Navy Blue, White or Light Blue
  • Long or Short Sleeved Polo Style Three Button Knit Shirt
  • School logo T-shirts
  • Girls – White, button down blouse with collar
  • Tucked Neatly into Bottoms
  • Neat & Clean
  • For Cooler Weather a Plain Maroon, Navy Blue or White Sweatshirt or Sweater
  • Any Other Color
  • See-Through or sleeveless tops
  • Baggy/Excessively Tight
  • Ripped, torn or in Disrepair
  • Graphics on Sweatshirts


First Offense:  A written warning will be created by the teacher and the student will deliver the written notice to the office
Second Offense: The student will be sent to the office to borrow clothes and the parent will be notified
Third Offense and All Future Offenses: The parent will be asked to either pick up their student or immediately bring a uniform to the school for the student.