About Us

Adventure Schools Charter Program



Educational Impact, Inc. maintains and nurtures an educational environment where all stakeholders (students, families and staff) recognize and build on their strengths.

We are based on the philosophy that each child grows physically, emotionally and intellectually in diverse ways and at different rates.  Just as all children may not be speaking by age two, not all children are reading by age seven.

Educational Impact, Inc. addresses differences by providing:

  • Student Appropriate Activities
  • Experimental Learning
  • Diverse Learning Centers
  • High Teacher/Student Interactivity 

Classes:  Educational Impact, Inc. strives to offer a student-teacher ratio of 15 students to 1 teacher.  Our teachers focus on the learning needs of each individual student to educate and challenge them at their learning ability level.

Lunch Program:  Adventure Schools offers a hot lunch daily, Monday-Friday, for all of our students, K-8.

Adventure Schools is also part of the National School Lunch Program offering lunch every day.  Please order lunches by Friday the week before.  If your child is not at school by 8:45am and you did not call their lunch will be cancelled.

 Before & After School Care: offered for a fee (please see Director for pricing information).  We are DHS/DES Licensed.  The Before School program begins at 6:30am and runs until the school day begins.  The After School program begins immediately at the end of the school day and is available until 6:00pm.